Life Stages – Birth, Blossoming, The Bottom Line and Beyond!

There’s a saying: “Sh*@!! Happens”… but actually Life Happens. We know things get hectic, accidents happen and life gets interrupted. We provide the financial security that can cushion the blow so you can be with the ones you love and do the things that make you happy. We assist with many different types of insurance that will help you navigate life’s events.

What changes have you experienced and what does that mean to your family, your business, your future, your assets?

 Common Life Events

* You changed your last name.  (Married/Divorced)
* You, or someone you know, gave birth to a human that resembles you or someone you know. (New baby)
* You hired an attorney and hope he has more experience than “My Cousin Vinny.” (Sale or purchase of a business/home)
* You’re updating your will so the dog gets a lifetime supply of milkbones. (Estate planning changes)
* You make real money that pays the bills…not monopoly money or a retired foreign currency. (Income Protection)
* You flipped the bird to your big company job. (Started your own business)
* You didn’t get married but it feels like marriage.  (New business partner)
* You got the gold watch you’ve waited 40 years to wear. (Retirement)
* You hit the jackpot, literally and figuratively. (Windfall/inheritance)

And finally, something never to joke about, you’ve had a death in the family.

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