About Us

The Story of a Dad and Two Daughters

We know life can be hectic, accidents happen and life gets interrupted. We provide the financial security so you can be with the ones you love and continue doing the things that make you happy. We assist with different types of insurance that will help you navigate life’s events.

Our Dad, Francisco (Frank) Rey, put family first. He opened his insurance office in Sleepy Hollow in 1978 to be close to home and to be able to walk to his mother’s house where she prepared homemade Spanish dishes for his lunch. It was also easy for the  kids (us!) to walk to the office after school to visit and learn about work.

Besides family, our father’s greatest effort was to make insurance understandable and accessible for everyone. As a first generation American with his first language being Spanish, he could relate to feeling frustrated and confused when one couldn’t understand what was going on. He dedicated himself to clarifying insurance and servicing his clients, which included many bilingual families in the local community.

His goal was to demystify the complicated world of insurance and help people feel more comfortable asking for and getting the right coverage for their families and their business. This demystifying practice has been continued by his two daughters, Linda and Laura, since we took over the business in 2013.

We believe in order for people to get insurance, they first have to get insurance.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are an approved Women-Owned Business recognized and certified by New York State.

Originally, the two sisters did not aspire to be in the family business. I know, surprising, right? Who doesn’t grow up wanting an insurance career!? Especially in the mid 80’s when we were driven by typewriters, carbon copies and a mad dash to the post office to send applications via certified mail. We didn’t have the efficiency of computers, and we certainly didn’t have electronic applications.

After forging out in different directions, both sisters found ourselves drawn back to the community where we were raised. So, here it is, celebrating nearly 40 years of service! While technology and the insurance industry have evolved, our fundamental commitment to making insurance understandable and accessible to everyone has remained constant.

We are proud to sponsor, even in a small way, various organizations in our immediate and surrounding area that strengthen community. We regularly contribute to various causes such as health & wellness, education, sports, hunger, domestic and child abuse, drug addiction, agriculture and the arts including music, dance and theater. Our dad’s mission was to make a difference in our community and that is a goal we still embrace every day.