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Rey Insurance of Sleepy Hollow, NY

Welcome to Rey Insurance. Our agency was started by our dad, Francisco Rey in 1978.

We are located in historic Sleepy Hollow, NY, the home of the famed Headless Horseman.

We specialize in Auto, Home, Business and Life Insurance.

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For the protection you deserve and the peace of mind you desire.

Linda Rey of Rey Insurance

Rey Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency located on North Broadway in Sleepy Hollow, NY.

As a broker, we are able to represent multiple carriers and that means we are able to offer the offer the most competitive prices for our clients. My father started the business in 1978 and we have always taken a consultative approach with families, businesses and individuals to help them assess their risks and to protect their assets and their lifestyle. The result can be that in the event of a catastrophe, they do not have to pay out of pocket, potentially creating a real financial hardship .

One of the things I enjoy the most with what I do is working with people. It’s about relationships and letting people know they can count on us to be a resource. even if they want to know where the local tailor is or the local mover, or somebody we use that we trust. They ask because they trust us and at the end of the day that is what is most rewarding.

Life is full of surprises… wouldn’t it be great if you could be ready when they happen?

Getting Married:
Taking that long walk down the aisle? Congratulations!!
But remember… it takes two to tango, and combining lives comes with a lot of new responsibilities, like… til death do us part?

Having a baby:
Isn’t she lovely? But… who knew a little baby would require so much work? And time flies, you know! You blink and the next thing you know she’s in… college?

Buying a new Home:
So you found the house of your dreams!
That tiny rental apartment was really
getting to be too small for the two of you and the two little ones… Ah, the space you’ll have now, and the fresh air, and …the huge mortgage?

Starting a Business:
It’s about time you quit that awful job and started your own business! Now you can be your own boss, push forward, expand….
But wait! Isn’t each client actually your boss now? What if they sue you?

Establishing a Partnership:
Your business is growing and you decide to form a partnership.It’s a big decision, almost like marriage: it starts with a honeymoon, but how does it end?

You can’t prevent bad things from happening, but you can prepare for them. We can help you find the best solution possible.

We’re an independent insurance agency, which means we don’t work for anyone…but you!

Rey Insurance. Call 914.631.7628 to learn how we can help you prepare for whatever life brings your way.