Rey Insurance Agency is located in Sleepy Hollow, New York. However, our office is far from sleepy. We are dedicated to providing financial security to families and businesses. We want our clients to know that insurance will help keep their family, home and/or business afloat when an accident happens or difficult times ensue.

We are seeking an ambitious, driven Commercial Lines Account Manager. We want someone who is dedicated to expanding their knowledge base and developing an expertise in a very complicated industry. We can teach and train about insurance fundamentals, technical efficiency and operations basics, but we cannot teach someone to take initiative to think outside the box for problem-solving strategies. If you think this is something for you, please continue reading and we welcome receipt of your resume.


The Account Manager is responsible for managing specific accounts at the direction of the Manager/Agency Owner.  This position requires direct interaction with clients, Producers, insurance companies, finance companies and various Managers at Rey Insurance Agency.

Desired Outcomes of this Role

  1. Average retention on the book of business is over 93%, this is based on the number of policies up for renewal in a given month vs. the number of cancelled policies that were processed that month. The average of any 90 day period should be greater than 93%.
  2. Proactively reaching out to clients
  3. Conducting on going account reviews
  4. Working with clients on their policies
  5. Effective account rounding
  6. Generating referrals
  7. Educating the clients about the benefits of having Sava Insurance as their agency
  8. Proactively calling cancelled business to try to win them back immediately
  9. Generating additional revenue on the book of business in the form of increased coverage, account rounding, adding policy features and generating referrals for new business.
  10. Conducting account reviews
  11. Suggesting and selling umbrella, flood, life and other lines of coverage
  12. Asking for referrals
  13. Stop, Listen, and Ask questions of your customers in order to clearly understand their needs and to build solid relationships
  14. Conducting account reviews
  15. Completing 100% of account reviews assigned to you each week.  This includes reviewing potential discounts and coverage gaps
  16. Prior to re-marketing check to see If rates increase 10%, another line of coverage is received or claim falls off of their record. Provide your  thorough account review to find all updates and then re-market the account.
  17. Provide outstanding inbound service on claims, billing questions and endorsements
  18. Work to manage clients expectations
  19. Follow up via phone or email with clients
  20. Use every opportunity to confirm and update client information
  21. Educate clients on the benefits of using Rey Insurance
  22. Service Commercial Lines accounts in a manner so as to eliminate gaps in coverage, thus reducing E&O exposures
  23. Transfer non-license work to the Account Tech
  24. Work to pass tasks to the account tech, so you can focus on revenue saving or generating activities
  25. Possess and maintain a positive mental attitude, including positive working relationships with clients and agency personnel.
  26. If licensed, you must be on call for the agency’s emergency line as designated monthly.
  27. Work to support the marketing and branding team in the following ways:
  28. Provide them any business cards to be entered into marketing campaigns
  29. Suggest blog, email and social media topics to the marketing department
  30. Share agency social media posts on personal social networks
  31. Participate in pictures and agency branding opportunities when invited
  32. Other responsibilities as directed by your manager.

• Fluent in Spanish preferred
• Licensed is a must
• Sales-minded Individual
• Insatiable desire to learn
• Must love dogs (AJ, our Maltese Poo Mix works here too!)

This is a full-time position:  Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

We will require that you complete a skills assessment prior to a hiring decision.

If you think you’d be a good candidate or know someone please submit your resume.