Risk Management Tools

Every year it seems Mother Nature and Old Man Winter battle it out to see who is most destructive in natural weather disasters.
Don’t be left out in the rain, sleet, wind or snow when it comes to protecting your property.

Whether in hurricane season or winter storms can expose your property to potential damage. Thanks to our carriers we are provided with tools that can help by taking proactive measures to mitigate potential losses. When preparing for a possible windstorm or rainstorm don’t be led into a false sense of security. Use these checklists below to help you minimize your exposure. Instituting the right precautions, before, during and after a severe windstorm, rainstorm, tornado, or hurricane, can help mitigate the severity of any loss as well as enhance the overall safety of your property.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – The information and suggestions here are for your consideration in your loss prevention efforts. They are not intended to be complete or definitive in identifying all hazards associated with your business, preventing workplace accidents, or complying with any safety related, or other, laws or regulations. You are encouraged to alter them to fit the specific hazards of your business and to have your legal counsel review all of your plans and company policies.

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