Our process: We work to discover and diagnose with a direct approach to understand your insurance needs. We help you “GET” insurance. You want to get insurance when you don’t need it because when you need it, you can’t get it. GET it? If we wouldn’t recommend it to our mother, we won’t recommend it to you!


Business Continuity Planning

Protects your vital business interests with partnership agreements and exit strategies.

Buy-Sell Funding Arrangements:
Dissolution of a business or a partner’s shares.

• Key-Man (or woman!) Insurance:
Critical for companies that depend on their “key people” to generate a large portion of revenue.

Disability Buyout:
Allows the purchase of a partner’s share in the business.

• Business Overhead Expense:
Provides funding to the business overhead expenses when one of the partners suffers from a debilitating illness or injury.

Life Stages

Don’t forget to visit our video on our Life Stages page that also outlines various insurances families and businesses need.

Personal Insurance

• Homeowner
• Renter’s
• Umbrella Liability
• Life Insurance
• Disability Income Insurance
• Long-Term Care Insurance Coverage
• Watercraft
• Motorcycle
• Valuable Property

Business Insurance

• Commercial General Liability
• Business Property
• Professional Liability
• Workman’s Compensation & Disability Benefits
• Automobile
• Excess Liability
• Umbrella Liability
Business Start-ups
• Restaurant Program