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Business owners and would-be entrepreneurs in New York and New Jersey who have one or more employees must comply with state-mandated disability insurance requirements. There are some exclusions, including government workers, religious leaders and some students. If you’re not sure if you qualify, please call us.

In order to be eligible for short-term disability benefits, a person must be employed by you, or recently employed by you at the time of illness or injury, but become injured or ill while not at work. Pregnancy is also covered by this benefit.

New York’s Paid Family Leave provides job-protected, paid time-off so an employee can:

  • Bond with a newly born, adopted or fostered child
  • Care for a close relative with a serious health condition
  • Assist loved ones when a family member is deployed abroad on active military service

As of January 1, 2018, most employees who work for private employers in New York State are eligible to take Paid Family Leave. Employees on leave can continue their health insurance and must be guaranteed the same or a comparable job after their leave ends. If an employee contributes to the cost of their health insurance, they must continue to pay their portion of the premium cost while on Paid Family Leave.

If an employee is injured at work, that’s covered by workers’ comp.

Rey Insurance can help business owners in Westchester County, New York and New Jersey ensure you’re in compliance with these laws. Call us today.