New York Renter’s Insurance  


You’ve been at work all day long. Meetings, deadlines, and angry customers demanding to talk to your boss.

All you want to do is get home, put your feet up, and relax.

The moment you put the key in the lock, you sense something isn’t right. Opening the door, you see it. The ceiling caved in over your brand new entertainment system, 72 inch LED high-definition TV, game console, and more. Water is everywhere. Your stuff is ruined!

After you call the landlord to let them know what happened and you realize that you can’t afford to replace the things that were destroyed by the leaking water. Furthermore, where will you stay while they clean up this mess?

What are you going to do? The answer may depend on this next question: Do you have a New York renter’s insurance policy?

What is Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is a lot like homeowner’s insurance in that it protects your property if anything is stolen, damaged, or destroyed. Because you don’t have to worry about the actual building, only the contents of your home, the cost is much lower than homeowner’s insurance. Depending on your coverage, renter’s insurance might also pay for you to stay in a hotel while the damage is repaired.

What does a New York Renter’s Insurance policy cover?

  • Fire and smoke
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Windstorm, hail, and lightning
  • Explosion
  • Falling objects
  • Water – from plumbing, appliance damage, or sprinkler systems
  • Electrical surges
  • Snow, ice, or sleet
  • Injury to someone else while in your home

You can expect your New York renter’s insurance policy to pay to replace all kinds of personal items: electronics, appliances, clothes, furniture, sports equipment, as well as some jewelry and collectibles.

Renter’s Insurance is a Smart Investment

Think about everything you own in your apartment. If it was damaged or destroyed, could you afford to replace it all right away? Probably not, that’s why you need renter’s insurance. Too many people don’t realize they need it until it’s too late.

2014 Nationwide study revealed some interesting information:

  • 72% of renters fear fire and break-ins
  • 59% of adults 23-29 don’t have renter’s insurance
  • 46% of those adults don’t think they need it

Think again. A landlord’s policy doesn’t cover your possessions. If a building or unit is destroyed, your landlord’s insurance won’t replace your stuff. With a renter’s insurance policy, you can protect yourself and your possessions very affordably.

Why Choose Rey Insurance?

We are a local, family-owned insurance agency and have been in business since 1978 when our father, Frank Rey, started the company so he could be close to his mom and give his kids (that’s us!) a place to go after school. These days, the company is 100 percent owned by women, Frank’s daughters, and we’re carrying on the family tradition of helping our clients not only find the best insurance for their needs but making sure they understand exactly what they’re getting.

We understand the importance of family and home, and we’re committed to our community. As an independent insurance agency, our priority is finding the best coverage for you, not convincing you to choose one specific company with limited insurance plans.

Our mantra is, “If we wouldn’t recommend it to our mom, we wouldn’t recommend it to you.”